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In 2017, Carter and Desiree Smith started Bucks Strength and Fitness while on their journey to lifelong, sustainable fitness. Growing up together attending the same church with their families and later connecting at a boxing gym, it seemed as though a bond to each other and fitness followed them from the beginning.

Now married for 25 years, this couple overcame significant health struggles by taking a leap of faith and make a career change that would bring them closer together. Since then, they have received multiple educations and certifications in fitness, but more importantly, they grew a business that completes them and changes lives around them.

Together, they strive to share their fitness knowledge with their clients by going above and beyond. Upon realizing gym franchises were unloyal and impersonal to customers, Carter and Desiree decided to open a gym that believes in teamwork, encouragement, and progress.

At Bucks Strength and Fitness, there is no such thing as one size fits all. Each exercise is tailored to every client’s abilities, progress is tracked towards a working goal, and every accomplishment is celebrated.


Opening the gym was a major turning point in Carter's life. Although he has always been interested in fitness, he spent 25 years working in a family business with some significant hills and valleys concerning his health. When he and Desiree decided to pursue an education centered on fitness, they never dreamed that this is where it would lead them. Today, Carter is driven to help clients meet their personal fitness goals. He strives to lead by example and live by the gym's motto, Earn It Every Day.

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Desiree grew up very active with a strong passion for sports and fitness. Unfortunately, multiple autoimmune conditions began to debilitate her. With an unwavering drive to beat them, she made a lifestyle change for her future. Her journey started at the National Personal Training Institute where she learned proper training techniques, dietary programming, stress management, and coaching skills. With renewed excitement, she was able to send her conditions into remission. Now, with this broadened knowledge base, she loves helping others along with their healthy lifestyle journey and reach their personal fitness goals. 


Every year Bucks Strength and Fitness participates in Spartan Races and Goliathon Events, which are series of ninja-warrior style obstacle courses varying in distance and difficulty. The Bucks Fitness team always enters in the Open category to focus on teamwork, rather than speed or strength, to get everyone through the finish line.  

These courses challenge every body type and strength level, which means anyone can participate! Because Bucks Fitness uses teamwork, trains together, and trusts each other, the reward of finishing the race as a team is huge. Everyone in the group inspires each other to push forward and banish the words “I can’t” from their vocabulary. Come join us at our next event!

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